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Uni Apart Neu-Ulm - Das grüne Haus am Ring

Demnächst entstehen am Allgäuer-Ring in Neu-Ulm moderne vollmöblierte Studentenapartments, Wohnungen sowie Gewerbeeinheiten.
Angestrebter Baubeginn: In 2020

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Neu-Ulm is a young city - founded in 1811, it ows it development to the revolution after thenapoleonic period. The nearly 1.000 years earlier founded Ulm became swabian while the settlement right hand side of the Donau remained in bavarian hands. Today Neu-Ulm and Ulm form a "cross-national" area with two city-centres which includes nearly 180.000 residents.

The university of Neu-Ulm was founded in 1994 as an outpost of the university of applied science Kempten; since October 1998 independent. In the winter semester 2015/16 more than 3.800 students have been enrolled at the HNU - with an upward trend, which is why new buildings are built and will be ready in 2018.  The university of Ulm, which was founded in 1967, is the youngest university in Baden-Württemberg with nearly 10.000 students enrolled. But there is also the university of science Ulm with about 4.000 students, with a predominant offer of technichal program of studies. Over all nearly 18.000 students are registered in this area.

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