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Uni Apart.

What we do.


Uni Apart is one of the leading private supplier of modern student housing with student apartments in southern Germany. Which means: We plan, built, sell, rent and manage acommodation units for students in german university cities.

Uni Apart

Our customers profit from our all-round carefree package, which takes over all leasing, administration and maintenance  services.

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Our tenants benefit by the full ability to enjoy student life. Our accommodation units are in mint condition, clean and safe. The leasing happens without any additional costs, come with our Additional-costs-flatrate and releases you from searching, furnishing and roomies in your private unit. In our comfortable and well-thought-out furnished rooms, students, doctoral candidates and trainess are welcome to find their individual privacy. Lounges, Bars, Fitness- und Learningareas offer the chance to relax, get to know each other, learn and work together. In the context of our all-round carefree package we take care of all contracts for LAN, heating, electricity and water.

Alma Mater.

Who we are.


Uni Apart is a joint project of father and son team Peter und Alexander Orthmann. Our beginnings reach even further back in past. Already since 40 years Peter Orthmann plans and develops real estate for living and business in the southern part of Germany. We are deeply rooted in Bavaria, know the people and market. This knowledge sets the fundament for Uni Apart - of which we take out the experience of our success by having built up a great expereince within Orthmann Hausbau in the case of real estate development and establishing private student housing in Germany successfully.

Mit mehr als einem Jahrzehnt und fast 1.000 Studentenapartments in ganz Bayern verfügen wir in dieser noch sehr jungen Branche bereits über eine beachtliche Erfahrung - und einen außergewöhnlichen Erfolg: Alle unsere Wohnheime sind nachweisbar voll ausgebucht. Dabei sind wir immer noch ein Familienbetrieb, das heißt bei uns ist auch der Chef Ihr Ansprechpartner. Wenn Sie also Fragen haben, schreiben Sie uns einfach eine E-Mail oder rufen Sie uns an.

Uni Apart.

Business Areas.


The organization of Uni Apart is divided into the following specialiced managing departments - to act fast and flexible.

Uni Apart
Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

Schlüterstr. 3b
85057 Ingolstadt

Range of tasks:
Acquisition, Development, Engineering Department, Construction Management and Monitoring, Bidding Procedure and Sales Department

Executive partner:
Alexander Orthmann

Uni Apart
Asset Management GmbH

Schlüterstr. 3b
85057 Ingolstadt

Range of tasks:
Renting and Administration

Executive partner:
Alexander Orthmann

Uni Apart.

Our Team.

Alexander OrthmannExecutive Partner
  • 0841/49157-19
  • Tasks: Executive Partner
Sylvia ZeleslawskiAssistant of Executive Board
  • 0841/49157-19
  • Tasks: Assistant of Executive Board
Sabine OrthmannTechnical Project Management
  • 0841/49157-201
  • Tasks: Technical Project Management
Patricia HorntaschCommercial Project Management and Acquisition
  • 0841/49157-203
  • Tasks: Commercial Project Management and Acquisition
Kathrin LindnerCommercial project management
  • 0841/49157-202
  • Tasks: Commercial project management
Daniel HuberProject Controlling
  • 0841/49157-204
  • Tasks: Project Controlling
Barbara SchapflDual Student - Real Estate Management B.A. (IUBH)
  • 0841/49157-20
  • Tasks: Dual Student - Real Estate ManagementB.A. (IUBH)
Jörg SchladitzSales Manager and Acquisition
  • 0841/49157-25
  • Tasks: Sales Manager and Acquisition
Peter SallerSales Manager
  • 0841/49157-24
  • Tasks: Sales Manager
Maximilian CremerTeamleader Renting and Administration, Authorized Signatory
  • 0841/49157-17
  • Tasks: Teamleader Renting and Administration, Authorized Signatory
Friederike HerrRenting and Administration Bayreuth, Neu-Ulm
  • 0841/49157-18
  • Tasks: Renting and Administration Bayreuth, Neu-Ulm
Annalena ReichlRenting and Administration Ingolstadt
  • 0841/49157-10
  • Tasks: Renting and Administration Ingolstadt
Timo UlbrichRenting and Administration Munich, Landshut
  • 0841/49157-23
  • Tasks: Renting and Administration Munich, Landshut
Claudia WaltherTeamassistant Renting and Administration Bayreuth
  • 0841/49157-27
  • Tasks: Teamassistant Renting and Administration Bayreuth
Sigrid HofmannTeamassistant Renting and Administration Neu-Ulm Steubenstrasse
  • 0841/49157-28
  • Tasks: Teamassistant Renting and Administration Neu-Ulm Steubenstrasse
Regina KönigbauerTeamassistant Renting and Administration Landshut
  • 0841/49157-26
  • Tasks: Teamassistant Renting and Administration Landshut
Monique HartmannTeamassistant Renting and Administration Neu-Ulm Steubenstrasse
  • 0841/4915729
  • Tasks: Teamassistant Renting and Administration Neu-Ulm Steubenstrasse
Julia HeilmeierTrainee Real Estate Agent
  • 0841/49157-205
  • Tasks: Teamassistant Renting and Administration
Thu-Hang Dang Trainee Real Estate Agent
  • Tasks:
Peter OrthmannTechnical Maintenance Service
  • 0841/49157-12
  • Tasks: Technical Maintenance Service
Olga SpulingTechnical Maintenance Service
  • 0841/49157-113
  • Tasks: Assistant Technical Maintenance Service
Simon DaumTechnical Maintenance Service
  • 0841/49157-114
  • Tasks: Technical Maintenance Service
Dietmar GerschTechnical Maintenance Service
  • 0841/49157-12
  • Tasks: Technical Maintenance Service
Christina LieboldAccountancy
  • 0841/49157-15
  • Tasks: Accountancy
Gabriele AdolfAccountancy
  • 0841/49157-21
  • Tasks: Accountancy
  • 0841/ 491 57-115
  • Tasks: Contact Person for all Marketing & PR activities of Uni Apart and Das grüne Haus® am Ring

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How you get in contact with us

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If you have any questions or need further information, please write in the contact form. You will receive a quick reply. Thank you very much. Your Uni Apart Team.

Renting and Administration

T + 49 841 491 570