Uni Apart | Das grüne Haus® am Ring | Completion of shell ahead of schedule


The current times of construction price increases, low storage capacities and temporary supply bottlenecks pose special challenges for the construction industry.

Thanks to forward-looking planning, Uni Apart was able to secure the challenges well in advance of the start of construction and coordinate with the contractors involved on how to proceed.

In particular, the tactically close cooperation with the general contractor Markgraf enabled individual process steps to be timed in such a way that the respective work crews were able to work together in pursuit of the project goals.

Through the consistent use of organizational measures, such as lean management, the supply chains for Das grüne Haus® am Ring could be optimized and the construction process accelerated in terms of time.

Thanks to optimized construction site logistics, a great deal of flow work in project management and extremely constructive coordination between those involved in the project, the general contractor Markgraf and the client Uni Apart, the first construction project phase was completed several weeks ahead of schedule.

The construction progress for Das grüne Haus® am Ring thus still on course for success.

Uni Apart continues to strive for the best possible scheduling. In addition to the time aspect, the focus is on the diverse materiality and quality.

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