Uni Apart wirkt dem zunehmenden Flächenverbrauch entgegen


In Germany alone, an average of more than 50 hectares of land are built over every day and thus sealed over in the long term.

The German government's target of reducing land sealing to 30 hectares per day by 2030 must therefore be followed by a number of measures to reduce land consumption.

Natural disasters in the recent past, such as those in the Ahr Valley, demonstrate the need to rethink and reorganize land consumption for settlement and transport areas. The future use of building land plays an overriding role here.

At Uni Apart, we have been focusing on inner-city conversion areas for years. This means that we specifically look for areas in urban areas that have already been sealed and put these areas, which have often been unused for a long time, back to a sensible use.

To ensure that this is done in harmony with nature and in compliance with the economic and ecological balance, we attach great importance to the remediation of contaminated soil in conjunction with the recycling of existing building land.

In this way, we promote the reintegration of land that is no longer used into the utilization cycle.

Inner-city redensification offers further ecological advantages. For example, urban sprawl is prevented and the use of existing infrastructure is intensified. Individual traffic is reduced through more convenient access to existing public transportation. The social fabric of the city is strengthened by a revitalized structure.

The mixture of different user groups enables an almost perfect utilization of existing areas.

In this respect, Uni Apart has already been able to realize several projects in the past:

- Ingolstadt, Neuburger Str.: Conversion and extension of a former squash center

- Munich, Zwillingstraße: Revitalization of a former residential and nursing home for the elderly in existing buildings

- Munich, Schleissheimer Str.: Reuse of a former amusement center (business)

- Neu-Ulm, Steubenstr.: Conversion of former amusement facility (bowling center and golf simulator)

In the future, Uni Apart will continue to strive for the revitalization of already existing and sealed areas in order to counteract the sealing of previously undeveloped areas with the help of a green and modern utilization concept.

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