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The disposable income of students is usually only sufficient for a frugal lifestyle. Therefore, a very precise calculation is required to make ends meet each month. Those who cannot live at home due to distance are particularly affected by this. Various costs such as the purchase of teaching materials, rental costs up to the broadcasting fee in the student dormitory burden the budget.

When is the broadcasting fee due in the student dormitory?

If there is no entitlement to BAföG, there is also no exemption from the broadcasting fee in the student dormitory for students. However, whether each student in the dormitory has to register and pay the broadcasting fee depends on the design of the rooms in the dormitory.

The secret: the number of rooms behind the access door

If a student lives in a single room whose entrance door leads directly out into the hallway, the GEZ is also due in the student dorm. This is regardless of whether the room has a kitchen and its own bathroom. It is always considered an apartment and is therefore subject to GEZ.

The situation is different if there are several student rooms behind the front door, each occupied by one or more students. In this case, the broadcasting fee must also be paid in the student dormitory, but only one person is required to register, since it is a shared apartment. This means that the broadcasting fees for the student dormitory can be divided among several residents.

How much does the GEZ broadcasting fee cost in a student dormitory?

The broadcasting fee in the student dormitory is €18.36 / month.

Not always clear whether apartment or shared apartment

For the classification as an apartment or household, it is not relevant whether the premises have their own bathroom or kitchen. Nevertheless, it is always unclear whether the individual rooms behind the access door are to be considered a shared apartment or individual apartments. Since, according to the Contribution Service, this is a shared apartment for which the broadcasting fee is only due once, even in a student dormitory, students should definitely file an objection if the decision is otherwise.

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