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The prices below are rental prices with an all-around-package. These include the rent for the apartment, all additional costs (such as heating, water supply and all others), the furniture and free use of common facilities. These prices vary according to the type of the apartment and the type of option you choose (single or double room option).

All additional costs included

The rental includes all costs, for example: cable TV, broadband internet access (up to 6 Mbit/s) without time or transfer limits (flatrate), cold and warm water, heating and electricity. This system allows you absolute cost transparency and prevents you from having to pay unexpected additional costs subsequently. Only the telephone line has to be ordered separately by you. VoIP telephoning is possible through your broadband access.


Please check the table below for price details (prices apply with the beginning of a new rental period from October 1st, 2015):
 Single: € 439.-
Twin 40
 Single: € 508.-
 Double: € 608.-
Twin 45
 Single: € 539.-
 Double: € 639.-

Washing machines and dryers (with coins) are available on the ground floor for your comfort.

Please note: GEZ-fees are not included in the rental fix-price (these costs only occur if you use a TV and are to be paid to a public institution).

Contact and booking

Contact: Ms Lucie Meier

Neuburgerstraße 55
D-85057 Ingolstadt

Phone: +49 - (0)841 - 49 15 710
Fax:     +49 - (0)841 -  49 15 722
eMail:   vermietung (at) uniapart (dot) de